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Three Solutions to get you approved

Luxury Corporate lease Program

If you are looking for a luxury apartment, we use the corporate lease method of approval. This is a great solution for apartments typically over $1,500 a month in most states EXCEPT: over $1,900 for CA, over $3,000 for NY, over $2,200 for NJ, over $1,600 for CT,over $2,660 for MA, which we call luxury apartments. Apartments that have properties lower than $1500 will not be able to do a corporate lease. For LUXURY apartments only. All 50 States, including Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Private Rentals Cosigner-guarantor Program

If you are looking for a private home, condo or townhome, or apartment that doesn’t offer a corporate lease, we typically use this method to get you approved. We cosign your lease and provide the landlord with a guarantee the rent will be paid for 12 months. We also have an insurance policy that guarantees this as back up. For apartments that do not do corporate leases, for condos, townhomes, and private homes. Service available only the following states at this time: NY, NJ, MA, VA, MD, CT, DC and IL.

Non-luxury Property program (Under $1500 most states)

For properties under $1500 for most states EXCEPT: $1,900 for CA, under $3,000 for NY, under $2,200 for NJ, under $1,600 for CT,under $2,660 for MA. This solution works for non-luxury apartments, privately owned condos, homes, and townhomes. We customize a program for your approval. The approval time for completion is typicaly 3-4 weeks and is guaranteed for non-luxury properties such as Homes, Condos and Townhomes, All Apartments. All 50 states.


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From Our Clients

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Tony has been with our company with this housing venture and other housing ventures since 2009. He continues to create, entertain and innovate new ideas, and cultivate corporate leadership.

Tony Barberi

Manager, Seattle, WA Office

Jason is the newest member of our team that just finished getting his real estate license in Maryland. There’s more to come from Jason. He will be in charge of our new upcoming Baltimore, MD location next month.

Jason Doan

Manager, Baltimore, MD Office

Location Coming Soon

  • Location Coming Soon
Lisa Hernandez

Manager, Atlanta, GA Office

Laura is joining us from customer service background experience for the last 10 years! We look forward to Laura’s wonderful service to our clients!

Laura Perez-Meyers

Manager, Boston, MA Office

Lindsey came on board in the early startup stages of our company and has been here ever since growing the entire organization from the early seed stages to a multi-state national company.

Lindsey James

Manager, Head Office, New York, NY

Debra recently joined our team in 2017. Debra has a background in real estate management and the mortgage industry and understands the need for quality housing for everyone. Debra is our new manager for our new San Diego office.

Debra Case

Manager, San Diego, CA Office

Julian is coming from us from the mortgage industry. He has worked for Bank of America mortgage services in Houston Texas for the last 7 years. He brings to us his expansive knowledge of the Texas real estate.

Julian Lopez

Manager, Houston, TX Office

, Charlotte, NC Office

Georgia Sanchez

Manager, Charlotte, NC Office